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CSA Membership

Community Supported Agriculture! Sourcing your produce from a CSA means your supporting local farmers. This farm to table tradition is a pathway to a sustainable future. By sourcing produce locally your reducing your carbon footprint. The produce is harvested vine ripe which enhances the flavor. There's no coating of wax to extend the shelf life. Less plastic. Your only consuming the nutrients of the fruit/veggie, NO HERBICIDES OR PESTICIDES are sprayed! All seeds are NON-GMO!


2021 Partner Farmers

Our CSA model is a little different than most because we work with other local farmers. Each farmer excels in different areas of growing; this provides you with a high quality product! Chippewa Valley Produce will supply about 90% of your produce but we work with other farmers to support their farm and specialty.  Each farmer complies with the produce safety rule to ensure safe growing practices. Every week you'd be supporting between 1-3 local farmers.



Share information


1 bushel box every week for 12 weeks

$450/share or 1 bushel box every other week for $250

Starts in early July

Pick up will be on the farm on Sundays from 11am-4pm

(we are willing to work with you as we know lives/schedules get hectic) 



CSA Items

Broccoli - Cabbage - Green Beans - Bell Peppers - Jalapeno Peppers - Heirloom Tomatoes - Slicing Tomatoes - Roma Tomatoes - Cherry Tomatoes - Kale - Lettuce - Cucumbers - Melons - Winter Squash - Eggplant - Radish - Okra - Herbs - Beets - Carrots - Onions - Potatoes - Garlic - Sweet Corn - Beef - Honey - Maple Syrup - Pork - Bread - Jam

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