Our Farm Animals

On our farm we pasture raise feeder pigs, broiler chickens and laying hens. We treat all our animals with the upmost respect! They're provided shelter, fresh water, food, space to roam & are allowed to freely graze and strecth their legs at all times! We feed all our animals produce from our farm during the 8-9 month growing season.  During the cold winter months we grow alfalfa sprouts for our laying hens to keep their diet balanced, allowing them to lay the highest quality eggs year round. Our pigs are fed alfalfa, clove and grains during the cold winter months to help keep thier diets balanced.     


All our animals are raised anitibiotic free and as natural as we can. We don't feed our animals medicated feed. We take great pride in giving our animals the best life we can.  When you purchase meat from our farm you are supporting a better life and better way of rasing animals.